Sooze and Nova Kuzyk present:

"My Fat Ladies"

The story of obese people struggling with their inner demons, genetics, medical apathy and society's disdain.
It's also a story chronicling the efforts of two women attempting to change their world; leaving a positive influence on society.  Maybe even some sex, mystery and intrigue. 
(OK, ok... there won't be all that much sex and mystery!  Mostly it's about respect and acceptance. But that was a hell of an attention grabber, eh?)


Hi!  My name is Sooze Kuzyk and I'm not what one would class as "thin".  Neither is my daughter, Nova.  

As luck would have it, however, we are intelligent,  compassionate, empathetic, passionate and intense human beings capable of profound feelings and emotions.  

We're also really, really funny.  (Not only "odd" funny, but more "ha ha" funny)

That having been said, let it also be known that this is not a site which advocates obesity; touting "BIG is Beautiful!" as our mantra.  We will attempt to show obese people why they are fat (face it, we're fat!) and how they can change themselves into a far more positive, productive and healthy state.

If you've never suffered through the humiliation and trauma of being overweight, then perhaps this site isn't for you.  If, however, you are one of the millions of North Americans (or any other country for that matter) who have endured, or have a loved-one who has endured, biased medical professionals, ignorant sales clerks, prejudiced employers, or just downright rude individuals, then please read on.
(Grab a coffee, get comfy and click HERE to "read on")

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